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Who's DirectCom? I’ll do you one better! Why is DirectCom?

Our mission is to digitize small & medium businesses

There's always that moment you wish a task could be done simpler, cheaper and in a more secure way... well that's what we do and on top of that we make sure you look good on the web! Go paperless, automate mandane tasks, cut down your costs, and more while being confident everything just works!

Providing Solutions Since 2007

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The digital transformation of your business

  • Bus

    Business Software

    ERP / CRM / HRM software for businesses of any size. Adapted to your needs. Work on cloud, mobile or desktop.

  • Pho

    Photo / Video Shooting

    Professional photo shooting of products, buildings & events. Drone video shooting. Editing /w visual effects.

  • Cos

    Cost Cutting

    95% Of Internet Services users are paying for more than they actually need. Let us examine your usecase and cut down your hosting and marketing costs by up to 80%!

  • CTR

    CTR & Conversion

    There are many ways to increase a website’s traffic stats, each with its own

  • Loa

    Loading Speed

    Possibly the most important factor in UX. None likes to wait for anything, especially for a website or app to load. Keep your users happy by optimizing the deliverability of your content.

  • A /

    A / B Testing

    You can’t always predict the best design. A/B Testing allows us to deliver a different version of your website or ad campaign to a part of the users and statistically determine which is better.

  • Pai

    Paid ads & SEM

    Boost your web presence. In a capitalist world you bet you can pay your way up the ladder, but spend wisely.

  • Sea

    Search Engine Optimization

    Keep your meta tags in check. SEO consists of on-site and off-site technics and their goal is to rank your website higher on the search results page.

  • Soc

    Social Networks

    Open lines of communication with your audience. Attract new leads via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit and more.

  • Loc

    Local Marketing

    Don’t neglect local advertising. People are more likely to trust someone they can meet in person and word of mouth will always be the best scoring funnel.

Our Process

Transparent procedures & simple steps

  • Feature Analysis
  • Suggestions & Offer
  • Implementation
  • Support

The 1st stage of every project is to research your needs and compile its requirements.

According to your requirements we shall present you with our suggestions and pricing offer.

As soon as you accept our offer we start bringing your project to life.

Enjoy free support for any cloud infrustructure used & paid support for anything else you might need.

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Remember, they paid us; not the other way around!

What our clients say

  • sparehellas

    We had assigned our project to others but when having a database with million of products which get updated through various systems, creating an ecommerce website is quite challenging. DirectCom went through and delivered exactly what we needed!

    George Kampolis
    General Manager - Spare Hellas